Just a few reasons why you’d want an ATM

We’ve been in the ATM business for 20 years now and there’s one question we’ve answered time and time again.

We’re here to give you just a few reasons
why you’d want an ATM for your establishment.

There isn’t just one good reason, and sometimes one good reason is not enough to convince you. Sometimes it is a combination of reasons that make the idea of an ATM sound more appealing. We could provide an extensive list, but lets face it, who has time to read all that? We’ve narrowed it down to our top 3 reasons:

  1. It keeps customers in your establishment. There will always be customers who want to pay cash, even if you have a point-of-sale machine, some customers could prefer not to use it. Having an ATM on-site allows you to direct these customers to easy access to their money, keeping them there, now equipped with cash-in-hand, and often ready to spend it.
  2. You can still make sales if your point-of-sale machine is down. Why do we put this reason high up on the list? Well, it ties in with point number 1 in that it keeps customers in your establishment, even those who have no hesitation in paying by debit or credit, if for some reason they can’t use it, you can direct them to easy access to their money. And you know what we just said about the benefit of that!
  3. You can make money. Having an ATM in your establishment is an opportunity to earn income from every transaction. How much income depends on your involvement/commitment. We have several options, and every one of our plans can be customized to your location. There are ways to earn income, even if you take on very little responsibilities and risks.ATM Machine

If these 3 points haven’t convinced you, we urge you to contact us if you’re considering an ATM but not sure if it is right for your business.

For more info, you can read about our Options.

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