T-Shirt Fundraiser buys Meals for the Hungry

We are excited to share with you a new T-Shirt Fundraiser here in North Bay that buys Meals for the Hungry.
We at The ATM Man are a proud sponsor of this campaign!

T-Shirt FundraiserFeed North Bay is an initiative organized by Ellen Faulkner, Tracy Farquhar and Michael Phillips. When people purchase one of these cool T-Shirts, designed by Mike Phillips, for $25 they can feed 5 people a $5 meal.
Proceeds from this campaign support the Open Arms Cafe and the North Bay Warming Centre.
The campaign has two ways to help: You can buy a T-Shirt or you can Sponsor the making of T-Shirts that will then be sold so all proceeds can support these wonderful programs in our city.



You can visit Feed North Bay’s facebook page or email them for more information on how to be involved in the T-Shirt Fundraiser. You can order a T-Shirt through them, or buy them at the Parkside Animal Hospital (Judge/Lakeshore), or simply give us a call at the office (705-495-0907) and we’ll likely even be able to deliver to you!

The Open Arms Cafe feeds about 150 people every Wednesday at St. John’s Anglican Church, which is also home to North Bay’s Warming Centre when temperatures drop below -20. Supporting these two programs is definitely worth the shirt on your back!

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