Wishing I was at ATMIA!


 Today is smack dab in the middle of the annual ATM Industry Association USA Conference, scheduled from February 17-19. I wish I was there, and not just because it’s being held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – although I think a “Coldest Night of the Year Walk” in Vegas might be quite pleasant. Seriously, I wish I was there because it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest developments in our industry while promoting the continued growth of the ATM Man ATM placement network.

ATMIA USA’s annual conference and expo is the largest ATM-focused event in the world. I know it’s not boats or cars, but for me, I’m like a kid in a candy store. With more than 100 exhibitor booths, it’s a great place to see the latest technologies and solidify relationships with vendors.

That’s normally my focus at conferences, and in most cases it’s rare that I attend any of the accompanying sessions. However, both the general and break-out sessions at the ATMIA conference regularly address cutting edge topics that are influencing the industry today. Perhaps not food for thought for general consumption, but I find that in an industry such as ATM sales and placement, where the technology and landscape are evolving at an ever increasing pace, it is essential to have, and understand, the latest information.

With the emphasis The ATM Man puts on service and the pride we take in it, I was quite looking forward to this year’s theme, “Enhancing the Consumers Self-Service Experience.” A keynote from a legend of customer centric transformation, Lior Arussy, who managed the e-banking security infrastructure for 120 of the largest banks in world with combined assets of $8 Trillion and ensured not a single bank was compromised, promised to offer real and implementable insights into a strategic framework for converting organizations from product to customer centricity.

Other speakers scheduled at the conference include senior officials from banks, credits unions, and financial institutions, along with representatives from VISA and Mastercard and Suzanne Cluckey, who is the editor of the very useful and informative ATM Marketplace, which like ATMIA, is dedicated to helping us as an industry continually improve the customer experience.

Really, that is what the ATM sales and placement industry is all about, providing the best and most convenient self-service experience possible to a wide variety of customers. In pursuit of that goal, we’re happy to be a member of ATMIA and applaud their mission to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; to protect the ATM industry’s assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.

We’ll tell you more about ATMIA at a later date, but for now, we wish everyone well in Las Vegas!

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